Regina Stanley, experienced in couple and family therapy

Regina Stanley

MA, MHP, LMFT, AAMFT Clinical Supervisor-in-Training


Area of Experience




Gender and Sexuality

Trauma and PTSD

Marginalized Identities


Domestic and Intimate Partner Abuse

More About me

As a couple and family therapist, I am a systemic practitioner. A systems approach means I work from the understanding that we are not islands, separate from and unaffected by each other and the larger world we live in, so it wouldn’t make sense for therapy to operate as if we do. I believe that we each exist in relationship with a rich cultural context that cannot and should not be ignored in the therapy room. In our work together, we will hold space, be kind and curious, and gently care for all of the parts and pieces of your life with the intention of nurturing understanding, growth, and healing.

I have been trained in a number of different styles and treatment modalities and have worked with a wide range of experiences that impact mental health. I regularly draw on a diversity of ideas and practices during treatment. Regardless of theory or modality, the foundation of our work will be trauma-informed, strength and resilience-focused, and client-centered. Whatever your specific treatment goals are, my hope is that our time together supports you living with intention and authenticity; cultivates insight, self-compassion, and self-acceptance; and honors your autonomy, agency, and self-direction.