Natascha Hayes - Tacoma Mental Health Counselor

Natascha Hayes

M.A. Marriage and Family Trainee Therapist


Area of Experience

Individual Therapy

Solution-Focused Therapy

Attachment Informed Therapy

Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Somatic Therapy

More About me

Many approaches to comprehending life’s problems might be limiting. I attempt to understand things from numerous, creative viewpoints and move beyond ideas of disease and issues to make more room for overall improvement in your life. I am committed to addressing you as a whole person and situating your problems within the context of your life, thoughts, history, wants, beliefs, and values. I think that the emphasis of treatment should be on creating new and pleasant experiences, rather than merely repairing old ones. I like to work with people to become more mindful of the here and now and more in tune with their minds, bodies, and spirits. Some of the ways I approach this is through somatic mindfulness-based therapies. 

I have faith that there is always a way to go ahead, but I also recognize that the fog of unconscious patterns and harmful narratives can sometimes veil this path. As a counselor, I want to help you discover insight and strength to live a creative, joyous, and satisfying life. I want to help you see your brilliance and rediscover your bravery so you may pursue your objectives with conviction. My hope is that through our work, you will feel whole, connected, and valuable.