LaDra Grissom - Life Transitions

LaDra Grissom

M.A., Mental Health Counselor in Training


Area of Experience

Complex Trauma


Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Attachment, Loss & Grief Counseling

More About me

I have been living in Washington since 2017. Until recently, my primary professional objective was to provide a therapeutic environment for youth. Although I have enjoyed sharpening my skills with de-escalation, active listening, and sharing a laugh with the upcoming generation, my focus shifted to the overworked, overlooked, and underappreciated adults. Outside of natural conversation and listening to their stories, I wanted to learn how to provide more. 

Throughout my education and profession, I carry pieces of my story into my work life to motivate others to continue striving while demonstrating follow-through by retrying things I initially failed. Now, I am more equipped to fulfill my philosophy of doing what no one did for me. 

I have experience and enjoy working through a trauma-informed lens. I have been honored to work with adults from various backgrounds within and outside of professional settings. I have experience with complex trauma, burnout prevention, and compassion fatigue. I also look forward to learning about more areas to help others navigate the complexity of adulthood. 

I utilize multiple techniques, like Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Attachment Theory, and Loss & Grief Counseling, and I intend to learn and incorporate more. I am adaptable to the needs of my clients, whether they appreciate a more blunt approach or prefer gentle confrontation. Either way, I acknowledge where they are at and carefully consider maintaining our therapeutic alliance while using various modalities. My approach is collaborative, integrative, and intuitive. I believe that authentic connection, trust, and utilizing humor are crucial for effective therapy.