Kokmaduwe Liyanage - Mental Health Therapist in Tacoma

Kokmaduwe Liyanage

M.A., Trainee Therapist


Area of Experience

Increasing Self-worth

Mind/Body Connection

Stress Management

Trauma-informed Therapy

More About me

Having arrived from a culture and a belief system outside of the United States, I bring my lived-in experiences in civil war situations, poverty, and trauma. Through those experiences, I’ve learned to value the power of human-to-human connection and how it could establish healing and strength within individuals and communities. More importantly, I also bring the message that we as human beings have the power to heal and maximize our potential to be the best we can be, irrespective of where we start in life.

I am interested in sitting down for long conversations about you, what you bring in and where we could move from there. The conversations with me are focused yet candid, casual yet goal-oriented, and appropriately humorous yet serious in approach. I am extremely interested in the stories you bring in because I am also willing to learn from you!